Introduction to trend diagrams

WinCC OA provides two different widgets for the graphical presentation of sequences of values (see also Bar trend and Trend). Starting from these basic graphs, a wide range of universally applicable trend tools can be created.

The DemoApplication illustrates only a few of the possible diagrams and time-based graphs. Some of these are already included in the standard WinCC OA delivery (for instance, the variable trend) while others have been implemented specifically for the demo. Many of the diagrams and graphs can be integrated into any application with little additional time and effort.

Trends Description
Variable trend Integrated in WinCC OA as the standard module
Time-comparison trend To configure several display areas with a time offset
Sum trend In the form of several overlaid curve areas
Bar trend Represents dynamic arrays
Frequency distribution Averaged frequency distribution of a data point element over a specific period of time
XY trend Graph (trend display) without an obvious value-time relationship
Individual trends Creating a wide range of customized solutions in WinCC OA using the two trend widgets.

Normally, after installing a demo application, time-based sequences of data are not immediately available in the archives for display. Therefore, the DemoApplication is supplied with a standardized history in the form of various sets of pre-archived data. The "Demo time range" button has been integrated into some of the trend panels in order to select this time range in the individual trend widgets. The Demo time range offers various time ranges depending on the selected trend.

The pre-defined time range is displayed in the Properties panel in the lower section of the "Simulation" tab (see also Properties Simulation