Chapter Contents
API Description of the WinCC OA API (Application Programming Interface), which enables this process control system to be extended with special managers.
Communication Center Configuration of alarm output through the SMS and e-mail are covered by the Communication Center. You can also define static call lists and shift sequences.
Disaster Recovery System High availability and reliability are becoming more important in automation technology. Even a short breakdown can result in significant costs and security risks. This should be prevented with the aid of the WinCC OA Disaster Recovery System.
Standard Object Library The WinCC OA Standard Object Library (Stdlib for short) is a base framework that facilitates the creation and use of WinCC OA Libraries. The Stdlib provides templates for the customizing of separate WinCC OA Libraries and offers a vast range of functions that make the use of a WinCC OA Library in a WinCC OA project easier.
BACnet Application

The WinCC OA BACnet object library is a company-neutral object library, which allows the configuration and visualization of objects from the building automation section (e.g. door, fan, lamp, etc.) in a WinCC OA project. This visualization takes place via symbols and faceplates (please also refer to faceplates.)

The WinCC OA BACnet HMI (Human Machine Interface) is composed of two panels, which allow devices and objects in the BACnet network or in an EDE file to be browsed for, and selected objects to be configured directly.


The WinCC OA feature Smart SCADA provides two packages: the Analytics package and the KPI framework.

The Analytics package contains the Data mining Wizard, the Classification Wizard and the R Control Extension. By using the functionality of the Analytics package, you can explore your system data by training statistical models and then use the models at runtime in order to predict root causes for problems in your system. More importantly, the Analytics package allows you to predict error conditions in your system.

The KPI Framework contains the KPI Wizard and the KPI Control functions. The KPI framework allows you to define, configure and calculate KPIs. A KPI represents an indicator in your system. The KPI framework guarantees you high flexibility and maximum ease of use.

WinCC OA Excel Report A powerful report generator has been created directly in Microsoft Excel in the form of WinCC OA Excel Report. Templates can be created directly in Excel, simply and conveniently. If a report is to be created over a defined period, the system accesses the template and automatically fills it with data from the WinCC OA process database. Reports can also be created, printed and stored on a time-controlled basis, with no need for any user interaction.
ULC UX The ULC UX is a User Interface client for WinCC OA based on the VNC technology.
Video WinCC OA video is a universal video management software for transmitting, displaying or archiving video data as well as controlling video technology like cameras or switch contacts of a digitally linked CCTV system.