Introduction to example panels

In addition to the near-real scenarios of the main images (for example, water supply system), the Demo also includes example panels demonstrating the WinCC OA graphics capabilities. You can access the panels stored in <proj_path>/panels/examplesby clicking in turnStart > ... > GUI Possibilities. Instead of explaining in detail how to use each panel, we recommend learning about the functions provided through "playing about" with the panels.


The examples are not intended to serve as a guide for a (good) graphics design. The main purpose is to cover a wide spectrum of functions with only a few panels. Use the examples of the provided configurations and scripts as models for your own scripts.

Example panels Description
Primitives Presentation of simple graphics objects
Widgets Presentation of complex graphics objects
Animations I + II Graphics objects attributes that can be changed dynamically during runtime
Layertest Foreground and background relationships of different object types when working with layers
Color / Blinking True colors and simultaneous use of multilevel blinking
Picture handling Image files (xpm, gif, bmp, wmf, emf) and their integration
Zooming Dynamic scaling of picture contents during runtime