Driver Function
Supported Platforms of the most important Drivers Matrix of the supported platforms for the most important WinCC OA drivers / managers.
Driver specific functions Description of functionality like Poll groups or Bidirectional peripheral communication. These functions are available with some drivers and can be configured.
BACnet BACnet provides a consistent and neutral standard for the data communication in and with systems of the building automation section. The purpose of the standardization is the interoperability. The services are transmitted via the client/server principle. WinCC OA is here the client and the BACnet device the server.
Cerberus Cerberus is a Fire, Intrusion, and Gas system. In a very easy manner, the WinCC OA Cerberus driver ensures the communication from and to central fire alarm systems and building security components in case of fire, gas or intruder alarms.
DNP3 The DNP3 driver is a telecontrol driver based on TCP/IP or V24. The telegram transmission occurs according to the IEC norms.
Ethernet/IP Ethernet/IP is used to communicate with multiple generations and families of Rockwell Automation / Allen Bradley PLCs. It is an application layer protocol, layered on top of standard TCP/IP networking.
IEC Driver based on TCP/IP or V24 whose frame transmission conforms to IEC standards.
IEC 61850 Description of the configuration of the IEC 61850 client. IEC 61850 defines communication services for the interaction with and between elements of a substation.
Modbus/TCP Modbus/TCP is an adaptation of the serial Modbus protocol for TCP/IP communication. The Modbus/TCP driver can be used for Modbus/TCP or UNICOS at the same time.
MQTT The messaging protocol MQTT works on top of the TCP/IP protocol and is meant for communication in networks with limited bandwidth.
MQTT Publisher The MQTT publisher provides a northbound data interface for MQTT clients to data point values within the WinCC OA project.
NTCIP Gateway In the NTCIP gateway of WinCC OA, the NTCIP 1203 standard is implemented. This standard defines the logical interface between dynamic message signs (DMS) and the control system that controls and monitors them.
OPC Alarms & Events Description of important terms and steps for starting a functional OPC Alarms & Events (server and/or client) communication in WinCC OA.
OPC client (Data Access) Gives a description of the most important terms and steps for starting a functioning OPC communication.
OPC server (Data Access) For the communication with databases, LTA tools, reporting and other control systems via OPC.
OPC Historical Data Access Server The WinCC OA OPC Historical Data Access (HDA) Server is used for the exchanging of archived process data of the WinCC OA project.
OPC Historical Data Access Client The WinCC OA OPC (OLE for Process Control) HDA client allows to query, display and save historical data from OPC HDA servers.
OPC Unified Architecture OPC Unified Architecture (in short OPC UA) is the most recent OPC specification from the OPC Foundation and differs significantly from its predecessors (DA, A&E, HDA, Commands, Complex Data). OPC UA forms a new standard, which is completely based on a service-oriented architecture.
PROFIsafe PROFINET is a communication protocol for transmitting data between controllers and devices fast and safe via ethernet. PROFIsafe is responsible for the communication between safety devices and safety controllers.The WinCC OA PROFIsafe-over-PROFINET driver (in short PROFIsafe driver) is used to connect a WinCC OA host to a PROFINET network.
RK512 Description of the WinCC OA driver WCCOArk512, which is used for coupling an PLC via the 3964R/RK512 protocol. The data exchange between driver and PLC (Programmable Logical Control) is over a serial interface.
S7 Native driver for establishing a connection with Siemens S7 PLCs and WinCC OA.
S7Plus The WinCC OA S7Plus driver uses the Siemens communication library IOMS and is meant for the communication with Siemens S7+ PLCs.
S-Bus The S-Bus driver is used for the connection from SAIA PCD control devices to WinCC OA projects.
Simulator Description of the WinCC OA simulator. It allows the system to be run without being connected to actual present peripherals.
SINAUT SINAUT (SIemens Network AUTomation) is a communication protocol for automatic monitoring and controlling of remote process stations on basis of SIMATIC S7 developed by Siemens. The main application areas are telemetric and telecontrol in the sectors water/sewage, oil and gas, district heating, mining and traffic engineering.
SNMP SNMP is a protocol for monitoring network devices and their functions. SNMP differentiates between agent (provides information) and manager (queries the information).
SSI Description of the WinCC OA driver WCCOAssi, which is used for coupling SAT telecontrol systems. The data exchange between WinCC OA and SAT is via LAN (Ethernet, IEEE 802.3); the telegram formats used are the SAT-defined SSI formats.
TLS Description of the WinCC OA TLS gateway which is meant for the communication with TLS-compliant devices.