Summary and relevant links

If, after having taken a small tour around the DemoApplication interface, you want to know more about the world of WinCC OA, the following list describes some of the key sections of the online help. Newcomers to WinCC OA are advised to work through the chapter Getting Started first.


Chapter Content
Introduction to WinCC OA What is WinCC OA? Concepts and structure
Getting Started For those who want a quick way into working with WinCC OA

Panel creation

Chapter Content
Getting Started GEDI Overview of the functions in GEDI
Simple configuration Setting parameters by means of standard dialog boxes
Module GEDI Working with GEDI
Control graphics Control functions for the graphics objects used
Panel topology Description and use of the panel topology

Data points

Chapter Content
Data point types Determining the structure of WinCC OA data points
Data points Constitute the final objects of the system components to be controlled
Data point configs Properties of data point elements
ASCII Manager Importing or exporting of configured data points from and to an ASCII file
ASCII Manager panel Simplifying the data import and export process

Mass configuration

Chapter Content
Mass configuration Basics and description of the mass configuration

Programming / Scripting

Chapter Content
Introduction to Control Getting to know the CONTROL process control programming language and its potential applications in WinCC OA