WinCC OA Getting Started - Tutorial

This GettingStarted tutorial is addressed to automation technicians, project engineers and developers who perform tasks in the fields of process visualization, control technology and the Collaborative Manufacturing Management (CMM).

Through its scalable and modular system concept, WinCC OA provides a powerful and future-proof basis for each form of control center application. The consistently implemented client-server architecture allows multi-user access with simultaneous multilingualism. The possible configurations range from autonomous single systems with minimum configuration to multi-computer applications for load sharing as well as multi-server clusters (distributed systems). Hot-standby redundancy of the servers as well as the full network redundancy provide high availability.

This tutorial describes the basics of technics and use of the automation software WinCC OA on the basis of practical examples. The fields "structured data model" and "Object orientation" build the main focus. The purpose is to get to know WinCC OA quickly and independently though it's not possible to go into details of the whole range of functionality. In addition we recommend to participate in a professional training.

The content of this tutorial was up to date at the time of creation. Due to the constant development of the product to further improve it, certain information is no longer valid and needs to be replaced by new data. Please refer to the relevant information media for customers and contact the ETM support in case of doubt. Possible errors concerning the content and form may exist and can not form the basis of any warranty claims. Numerous screenshots relate to one of several display modes of the operating systems Windows XP or Windows 2000 - slight differences to other display modes are possible. For didactic purposes Some modified screen views are used (collages etc.) for didactic purposes. The product does not include the views in the displayed form.

Brand names, logos and product descriptions of third parties, particularly of Microsoft Corporation, are subject to separate copyright and trademark rights.

Chapter Content
Introduction What is WinCC OA? Target groups and requirements for working with this tutorial.
Basic Concepts Basic terms and presentation of the concepts in WinCC OA.
Installation Installation of WinCC OA under Windows.
Project Administration Description of the console and project administration in WinCC OA. It allows to administer individual projects easily under Windows and Linux.
Exercise Project Presentation of the exercise project. The project is the result of this tutorial.
Data Model Basic terms for the data point concept in WinCC OA.
Creating Data points Introduction to database editor - PARA.
Graphical Interfaces - "Panels" Introduction to graphic editor - GEDI.
Alarms Colored presentation of malfunction information according to standards, display in object and presentation of the alarm screen in WinCC OA.
Archiving Save historic data, presentation and evaluation of historic values in trends.
Navigation & Image Administration - "Panel-Topology" Administration of the process panels in WinCC OA. Basics of modules, panels and child panels.
Scripting in the Graphics General description of the scripting language CONTROL in WinCC OA. Example for Control scripts with graphic objects.
Scripting for general Tasks Control language at runtime for processing scripts in an own manager.
Periphery Connection General information on periphery connection in WinCC OA and description of how to set an OPC client-server connection.
Hints and Trouble Shooting Important information concerning WinCC OA (path statements, notation, ...)