Graphics Editor (GEDI)

Chapter Contents
Fundamentals GEDI Presentation and description of the GEDI module user interface.
Catalog window The catalog Window lets you view and manage Reference Panels and other catalogs, for example Icon libraries (Drag & Drop).
The Script Editor The Script Editor is used for writing and editing CTRL scripts and libraries. Syntax highlighting and function syntax are available.
The Property Sheet You can edit and configure object properties centrally in the Property Sheet.
Creating graphics objects Basics for selecting and editing graphics objects.
Simple graphics objects Creating and editing simple graphics objects.
Complex graphics objects Creating and editing complex graphics objects.
Simple configuration Simple configuration dialog boxes and panels provide a convenient input and editing environment for linking data point changes and graphics object attributes.
ScriptWizard The ScriptWizard allows to create panels without the knowledged of the Control programming language.
Version control systems Implementation and use of version control systems in the GEDI project view.
Style Sheets Style sheets are applied on top of the current widget style and can be used to provide a distinctive look and feel for the application.
STD_symbols A symbol library of more or less complex structured graphic objects to create and visualize process displays in a faster way.
Expandability of GEDI Functions for adjusting the menus and toolbars of the GEDI and Script Editor, and description on how to translate the Qt-specific texts of the GEDI, LogViewer, etc. to another language.
SimpleSymbols The SimpleSymbols allow to prepare generic symbols for the usage inside a panel.
Layout management The layout management allows to arrange the size and position of objects in the best possible way.