System Management

Chapter Contents
Diagnostics Alerts, Events, monitoring system status at runtime via event panel or alert panel, respectively with panel for message diagnostics, controlling disk space.
Reports Trend display, correcting values or writing manually to the database (Correction and laboratory values), SQL (structured queries of the database), data point values at runtime (DPE monitor/DP information).
Database How to save system data and swap out manually or automatically to tapes, databases, compression of data (archiving/compression), data point groups, accessing data in WinCC OA via OLE DB provider.
Driver Different drivers for establishing a connection to the periphery with WinCC OA.
Driver IEC

The System Management panel contains the following IEC drivers:

IEC IEC 61850 IEC 61850 Client
Driver OPC

The System Management panel contains the following OPC drivers:

OPC A&E Client

OPC A&E Server

OPC Driver

OPC UA Client

OPC UA Certificates

OPC UA Alarm Severity

OPC UA Local Discovery Servers

OPC HDA Client

Driver S7

The System Management panel contains the following S7 drivers:

S7 Driver

S7 TIA Symbolic Migration

S7+ Driver

S7+ Subscriptions

S7+ Certificate

S7+ Alarm Class Mapping

Sinaut ST7 Driver


The WinCC OA feature Smart SCADA provides two packages: the KPI framework (KPI - Key Performance Indicator) and the Analytics package.

The KPI Framework contains the KPI Wizard and the KPI Control functions. It allows to define, configure and calculate key performance indicators - KPIs. A KPI represents an indicator in your system.

The Analytics package contains the Data mining Wizard, the Classification Wizard and the R Control Extension. By using the Analytics package, you can explore your system data by training statistical models.

Smart SCADA displays the state of the system via the key performance indicators and provides help in the statistics analysis of the key performance indicators.

The WinCC OA Online help contains a comprehensive SmartSCADA online help. To install SmartSCADA, see chapter Requirements and Installation.

Permission User Administration, System Permissions, Authorization Check Plug-In,
Communication Sending and receiving SMS messages, OPC driver, OPC A&E driver

Different Setting for a WinCC OA system:

System Use Notification

Central Settings


Panel Topology

Operation Time Counter




A&E-Row/ Screen

System Management

Dist Management

Wizard Configuration

Device Management