BIRT Report

With the panel WinCC OA example reports you can open BIRT reports. 10 ready-to use reporting templates are delivered with the WinCC OA installation. These can be shown in the Demo Application. For more information on Reporting with BIRT, see chapter Reporting, basics and other reporting-specific chapters of the online help.

  • Enter the IP address of the computer on which BIRT was installed and enter the port number of the BIRT server. For more information on how to view reports, see chapters View report and Web view of the reporting help.

Figure: BIRT Reporting in the Demo Application

  • Select a template, a start and end date as well as a data point. Then click the "Create report" button (see figure below).

Figure: BIRT Reporting - create a Report

  • A report of the selected data point is shown.

Figure: BIRT Reporting - Report of the selected data point "ExampleDP_Rpt1"