DemoApplication, basics

The WinCC OA DemoApplication is a simple WinCC OA project that implements a number of process control and visualization tasks from different sectors of the automation industry as examples. The project is primarily intended for demonstration purposes and getting a basic understanding of the range of features WinCC OA has to offer. However, this application can also be used as an introductory manual for users collecting first experiences while creating their own WinCC OA projects. The DemoApplication can thus be applied to numerous smaller project exercises or used as a basis for new projects. A few of the different scenarios described originate from real applications and have merely been simplified. Others again have been made up for imagined situations. In either case, the interfaces, contents and data structures are only intended for demonstration and should in no way be seen as real world representations.

The DemoApplication help has been designed in such a way that you can work through the chapters in the intended order if you wish so. To derive most benefit from the help, however, we strongly recommend playing about with the runtime interface (panels, tables, trends) as a first step after a successful installation. You can then turn to the help facility only when you need it or when you want to enhance or complete your understanding of specific subjects. For the complete newcomer to the world of process control and visualization technology, we suggest reading first the section Introduction to WinCC OA.

Users looking for a quick introduction into drawing process displays or linking process variables to the graphics properties of display elements, should particular look at the chapter Getting Started - GEDI Quicktour.

Buttons for direct and context-based access to the help facility are found in various key places in the interface. The DemoApplication help contains links to relevant chapters of the WinCC OA online help.

From a user viewpoint the help facility presents the contents in two different ways. One approach starts from the interface, explaining the relevant function, usually in the context of the scenarios used. In the other approach, explanations of how a particular animation, set of functions or analysis has been created are provided at numerous points within the help facility. These references should not be seen as a "snap course" in WinCC OA, but simply provide an entry point. Understanding more complex parameter settings and functions is often only possible after reading the relevant chapter of the online help or attendance on a WinCC OA training course.

Two short chapters on the subject "Graphics Editor - GEDI" and "Data point configuration - PARA Module" complete this highly interface-oriented introduction to the subject.

Chapter Description
Basic information about DemoApplication Introduction, motivation and target group for the DemoApplication
Requirements for the DemoApplication Software and hardware requirements, installing the DemoApplication
Starting and stopping the DemoApplication Opening and closing the project, starting individual components
Login and user administration User names and passwords for accessing the DemoApplication
Multi Screen Configuration Information about multi screen configuration and about the individual configuration of screens.
User interface Layout of the central operational panel of the DemoApplication
Geographical overview and scenarios Process displays used in the DemoApplication
Operating block buttons Summary of what the operating block buttons do
Navigation Options for panel selection and operation
Layer control Facility for setting visibility layers in process displays
Alert handling Alert panel, alert horn, group alerts, etc.
Introduction to the scenarios Details about the process displays used
Introduction to example panels Example panels for presentation of the WinCC OA graphics possibilities
Introduction to trend diagrams Trend diagram options and examples
Introduction to reporting Details of the WinCC OA reporting tools
Introduction to simulation Implemented simulation for generating realistic values for the various industry scenarios.
Config file Central settings for the project
System management Panel from which you can open standard dialog boxes for reporting or configuration
Properties Panel Changes to the design, simulation, sounds etc. can be made in this panel
Value history Values in WinCC OA are saved in a dedicated database (History DB)
Data compression / AC types Compression of measured values in several levels (5 min value, 15 min value etc.)
Alert history Alerts in WinCC OA are archived in the RAIMA DB.
The graphics editor - GEDI Creating panels in WinCC OA and links to more advanced topics
The data point editor - PARA module Configuration of data points/data point types in WinCC OA and links to more advanced topics
Summary and relevant links Links to other relevant chapters in the Online help