Operating block buttons

This chapter provides a short description of the control buttons in the operating block starting with the leftmost button. For more information about the functions of the buttons, see chapter Navigation.

Figure: Buttons of the operating Block

Panel topology navigation

This button allows navigating between the different scenarios.

Screen selection

With the aid of the screen selection it is possible to move the displayed panel to another screen. For further information see Move Panel (multimonitor mode).

Open zoom navigation

Zoom navigation allows you to zoom into or out off the current plant display. The desired size or zoom level is defined as a percentage.

Modify layer visibility

For each process display, the graphics elements have been saved in different layers depending on their characteristics or usage. Through the Layer button (in the center of the operating block), a user can then show or hide each of the layers of a process display. See chapter layer control.

Direct interrogation / Set values

This button opens a small, universal panel in which you can display additional information about any data point element (<proj_path>/panels/vision/dpe_info.pnl). A user with the corresponding authorization can also set values. Up to five tabs provide access to information about status, archives, drivers and short-term trend formation.

Variable trend

The "variable trend" is a standard WinCC OA panel for displaying time sequences. Based on the trend widget (see also Bar trend and Trend), this function can be used to display up to 16 curves in a panel at the same time. The user can among others configure the axes and scaling displayed and then save these configurations. For more information about the variable trend see the section Variable trend.

Alert panel

The alert panel is a standard WinCC OA function for displaying alerts and status messages in tables. For more information about alert handling and related topics, see the DemoApplication Help facility (Alert handling) or the general online help (Alert panel).

Horn acknowledgement

WinCC OA provides a specific function for audible signaling of unacknowledged alert states. You can temporarily disable the audible sound by selecting the button Horn acknowledgement, for example, when locating and rectifying faults. For more details on this, see section Alert horn.

Acknowledgement of all alarms in current panel

With this button you can acknowledge in one step all alerts (alarms) outstanding in the current process display. For more information about acknowledging alerts, see the section Alert handling and Alert handling in the PARA module).

System management

WinCC OA System Management includes numerous configuration dialog windows and settings options from throughout the application. A large number of parameters can be set here from user administration settings to driver configuration and database configuration. For more information about the possible settings, see System administration.

Online help for DemoApplication

The button opens this online help.

Provider info - About panel

Selecting this button opens a WinCC OA image panel here as process display. Right-clicking opens the "Common" tab of the Properties panel for the DemoApplication (see also Properties panel).

Online language switching

Right-clicking allows setting the panel language to either English or German.