Layer control

WinCC OA supports the grouping of visible graphics elements into different layers (see also The layers sheet). This facility, in its essentials, is also used in the DemoApplication.

In the process displays, the graphics elements have been saved in different layers depending on their characteristics or usage. You can use the Layer button (in the center of the operating block) to show or hide each of the layers of a process display.

Figure: Showing and hiding Layers in the Water Supply System Process Display

As you successively hide one layer after the other, starting with the highest number, the information density in the process display gradually reduces.

However, layers not only enable visualization of different levels of information density, they also allow fundamentally different types of information to be displayed in the same sector (for example, to display ventilation equipment and lighting installations in one and the same sectional view of a tunnel).


In the DemoApplication, any change to the currently visible layers only applies to the process display actually open. If a new process display is opened, then all layers are shown again for clarity.