Variable Trend, Basics

WinCC OA provides two different, extremely flexible trend widgets (bar trend, trend) with which you can solve almost every trend task. Based on the "trend" widget, the Variable Trend is a powerful tool geared to the demands of modern control technology.

Variable trend comprises a set of panels and scripts used for the simplified display of trend curves and trend groups (up to 16 trend curves). A trend display group is a stored set of predefined data point elements and their complete configuration for trend display.

This allows you to organize and manage frequently required trend displays quickly and easily in every project.


Variable Trend offers the following features:

  • Configure any number of trend display groups.

  • Operate with multiple monitors.

  • Assign up to 16 different data point elements (curves) to every trend display group.

  • Simplified management

  • "Remember" common observation periods per trend display group

  • Freely select the definition of display axes.

  • Curves can also refer to value axes of other curves.

  • Trend selection functions

  • Full support for automatic compression, that is, the default value for compression level or the display period can be varied (see Archiving/Compression).

  • Printing straight from the trend panel.

  • The current value of a data point element with date and time up to a precision of milliseconds can be displayed in the legend by a left mouse-click.

  • The difference between two different values at different times can be displayed. The time difference as well as the difference between the two values are shown.

Chapter Description
Variable Trend panels Opens the Variable Trend. Panel presentation
Trend functionality Explains the trend functionality.
Panel for selecting the trend display Selecting trend display group and display mode
VT Trend panel Displays the selected trend display group .
Edit trend configuration panel "Trend display group editor" for configuring the properties of trend display curves
Example of trend configuration


1) how to create and display custom groups with explicit DPEs 2) how to create and use templates for predefined trend display groups.

Variable Trend functions CONTROL functions for displaying trend display groups
Tips and tricks for the Variable Trend Standard trend display groups and other applications.
Summary and related chapters Links to chapters related to Variable Trend in the Online Help.