Data point configs, basics

Configs are groups of properties that may be assigned to data point elements in WinCC OA. These properties are defined with the aid of config attributes that carry the actual data point values.

With the aid of configs, you can convert the original values of a data point variable, replace them with predefined values or add an alert handler. You can smooth out and archive changes in values of variables. Addresses with which data point elements are connected with the periphery are also assigned to variables using a config.

As of the WinCC OA Version 3.5 only the neutral config descriptions like _original.._value or _online.._value are supported. original..wert or _online.._wert are not supported!

To explain the individual configs and their properties. This section explains how to configure the config with the aid of the respective standard panels.

Chapter Outline
Default buttons on configuration panels Description of buttons, which are used on several panels.
_address (Peripheral address) The config "_address" is used to manage the peripheral addresses of data point variables in WinCC OA. Here you can select the various drivers.
_alert_class (Alert class) The alert class contains the parameterizable properties of the alert ranges of data point variables. As a default WinCC OA provides 5 alert classes.
_alert_hdl (Alert handling) If an alarm needs to be sent if the original value or online value of a data point element is modified, it is necessary to define the alert range, alert text, etc.
_archive (Archiving) Used to archive values of data point elements for display in trends or reports. Data may also be compressed.
_auth (Authorization) Authorizations for changes to data point attributes are managed via the "_auth" config
_cmd_conv, _msg_conv (Conversion) Conversion of variables sent by the periphery to the control system or queried by the control system from the periphery is referred to as conversion in alert direction. The command direction for conversion of values is from the control system to the periphery and sets values.
_common This is where you specify the format, alias and unit of a data point element
_default (Default value) In exceptional situations, a default value becomes the valid online value of a data point element and, as such, is always valid. Thus, it must always be within the WinCC OA value range of the data point element.
_dp_fct (DP function) In order to implement mathematical links of data points, a function is assigned to a data point via a config panel The data point function contains one or more parameters used to calculate the value of the function. There are also numerous statistical functions available.
_general _general config may save arbitrary values. It makes it possible to save additional information of a data point. The attributes of the config are named like the possible data types in WinCC OA e.g. _int_01, _float_01 (in each case 5 attributes are possible e.g. until _int_05). You can find a detailed listing of the attributes in the teattrib.txt file in wincc_oa_path\dbdfiles\<version> The possible attribute types are also listed in the chapter _general. The config can also have an arbitrary number of details. You can set the _general config via CTRL (see chapter _general for an example) and export and import a data point type with the config via the ASCII Manager.
_lock (Locking) This config allows you to "write-protect" data point element configs. A config thus locked can only be modified by authorized users.
_original (Original attributes) The configuration panel "Original attributes" provides information on the source time and status of a data point element (different bits are available), as contained in the attributes of the configs "_original", "_online" and "_offline".
_pv_range (WinCC OA value range) A valid original value must always be within the WinCC OA value range. If an original value is outside the WinCC OA value range, it can lead to the default value being set by the default value handling.
_smooth (Smoothing) Data supplied by the periphery can be smoothed in the driver before being further processed as original values in the control system. Smoothing is used to reduce the amount of communication and data volume in the system.
_u_range (User value range) Used to specify the range of values for a certain authorization level
Configuring configs remote It is possible to configure configs of remote systems. In the host system, the config _locked is set, but not on the remote system.