Driver Function
User Administration The WinCC OA user administration provides important features for controlling users that use the system. Security is an important issue in the automation technology when controlling highly sensitive systems and it is of utmost importance that the users of the system have only access to the specified area of operation. With the WinCC OA user administration, you can administer users so that they can use the resources effectively without inflicting damage to the system inadvertently or otherwise. For more information see chapter User administration, basics.
System Permissions The system authorizations are used to define authorization levels for different actions. The level in the System authorizations panel defines what level (for example, 4) a user has to have to perform a specific action. For more information see chapter System authorizations.
Authorization Check Plug-in The authorization check plug-in allows setting access rights on data point element level (data point values). Therefore only authorized managers and users can access specific parts of the SCADA system. The access rights are set via a central engineering interface. For more information see chapter Authorization Check Plug-in, Basics.