WinCC OA Excel Report

WinCC OA Excel Report, is a program extension of MS Excel for integrated data evaluation and protocol generation with WinCC OA archive data.

Reports can be created with the WinCC OA Excel Report. Templates are used for the reports. If a report is to be generated over a defined period of time, the system accesses the template and automatically fills it with data from the WinCC OA process database. Reports can also be created, printed and saved on a scheduled basis without requiring user access.

Multi-user capability

Several workstations can generate reports from WinCC OA process data using Excel Report. If a common template directory has been created in the network, special templates can be used by more than one user. WinCC OA Report also lets each user work with their own separate templates. These are then stored locally.


WinCC OA Excel Report is also suitable for use with redundant WinCC OA servers. Excel Report directs its data query to the WinCC OA server that is active at the time (for an explanation of active and passive servers, refer to the Special functions/Redundancy section of the WinCC OA Online Help).

Distributed Systems

In a distributed system the WinCC OA Excel Report uses the configuration files from the selected systems (see Importing the archive structure). When selecting the data points (see Adding a data point) the required system must be selected. A general description about distributed systems can be found here: Distributed systems, basics.