Chapter Contents
Login Statistics The panel Login Statistics (Diagnostics tab in the system management panel) contains the user log, that is, a record of whoever has logged on or off during a specified period
Alert and Event Screen The alert and event screen (AEpanel) in WinCC OA is a standard panel and allows displaying alerts and events in table format. For more information see chapter Alert and event panel, basics.
Event Screen The event panel allows displaying events in table format. The columns provide information about the data point whose original value has been set newly. For more information, see chapter Event table.
Alert Screen The alert screen allows displaying alerts in table format. The alert data is shown in the alert screen and alerts can be acknowledged. For more information, see chapter Alert table.
Event Manager Connections The Event Manager Connections panel displays the number of system messages sent and received by each manager. There is a second tab for distributed systems (Host 2).
Memory/Disk Resources Opens the information and configuration panel for monitoring the main memory and hard disk. For more information see chapters Data Manager emergency mode, basics, Monitoring the hard disk and Monitoring virtual memory.
System overview

There is a system overview panel for the diagnostics of a WinCC OA system. The system overview panel is a part of the version by default. The panel provides several possibilities for setting the error weighting in the complete system as well as for displaying the current status in the system (e.g. Manager state, RAM memory, hard disk space, ...).

For more information see chapter System overview, basics.

Diagnostic tool

The Diagnostic Tool allows you to create a report package containing all relevant project data (with optional attached files), project and setup information only with a few mouse clicks and to send these by e-mail using the integrated SMTP client.

For more Information, see chapter Diagnostic Tool.