Data Point Element Monitor

The "data point element monitor" is a tool allowing online monitoring of value changes for a specifically selected set of data point elements. In this panel, unlike in the Event Panel, new lines will not be added to a table, instead the values are just updated. A special marker shows what value changed last. The tool can update itself continuously or display the current values on request. A user sees the current process images of the selected data point elements. The display includes the DPE name or description, its status, value, time of change, number of value changes and the last DPE updated. If the user has the appropriate authorization, he can also set values, for example, for testing purposes, by just clicking on the value in the table and entering the new value. For information about the WinCC OA authorization system, see the section Authorizations.

If necessary, each selection of data point elements can be saved as a configuration and is then always available for future use. The main application for this tool is testing, debugging or other similar tasks. Similar tools exist in the PLC world, including "Status" (Simatic S5), "Test> Beobachten" (Simatic S7) or " Animationstabellen" ( Schneider Modicon).

Chapter Content
Data point element monitor, basics Introduction to the DPE monitor panel
DPE monitor panel Operating the DPE monitor panel
Working with the DPE monitor panel Describing the functions of the DPE monitor panel, including an example
Summary and relevant links Links to relevant chapters in the online help