SINAUT (SIemens Network AUTomation) is a communication protocol for automatic monitoring and controlling of remote process stations on basis of SIMATIC S7 developed by Siemens. The main application areas are telemetric and telecontrol in the sectors water/sewage, oil and gas, district heating, mining and traffic engineering.


Figure 1. WinCC OA SINAUT Topology

The communication between the WinCC OA SINAUT driver and the SINAUT nodes (stations) is done through TCP/IP via one Master TIM as gateway. This means that a direct communication between WinCC OA and the nodes is not possible. This has the advantage that the connection-specific settings (switched connection, fiberoptic, etc.) are handled by the Master TIM and stay for WinCC OA completely transparent.

At driver start-up the driver connects to each configured Master TIM (at most 256 per driver) for whose a peripheral address has been defined (see Defining the peripheral addresses of the SINAUT driver). If no connection can be established, the driver will try it after a configurable time again. After a successful connection establishment each Master TIM sends automatically the last values of each node (station) to the driver.


WinCC OA redundancy is supported by the WinCC OA SINAUT driver. Therefore a redundant connection to the ST7SC (driver PC) must be configured in the SINAUT project for each Master TIM that shall communicate with the SINAUT driver. The particular Master TIM sends all input data to both computers, because an active/passive is not supported. Output data are sent only by the active computer to the Master TIM.

User Interface

The user interface of the SINAUT driver consists of a configuration panel for each connection to the Master TIM and the panel for defining the peripheral address.

Chapter Description
SINAUT driver, basics Basics and links to the other chapters.
Requirements and Installation - SINAUT Requirements and installation of the SINAUT driver.
Configuration of the SINAUT driver Description of the configuration panel of the SINAUT driver.
Defining the peripheral addresses of the SINAUT driver Panel for defining the peripheral address of the SINAUT driver.
Internal data points of the SINAUT driver Description of the data point elements of the internal data point type _SinautConn.
Possible Config Entries of the SINAUT driver Description of the possible config entries for the SINAUT driver.
Supported Telegrams Description of the supported telegrams and their bits.
Details of the SINAUT driver Description of debug levels, error messages and other detailed information.
Example for the SINAUT Driver Example for establishing a communication.