R Control Extension

This chapter gives you an overview of the R Control Extension and describes how to use it. The R Control extension is a part of the Analytics package. The Classification package provides the data mining algorithm (R language). Thus, the R language can also be directly used in WinCC OA Control.

The R Control extension provides you three different types of functions:

  • Error status handling and logging functions

  • Functions for setting and returning R variables

  • Functions for calling R routines

How to use the R Control Extension Functions

Install the following third party components before using the Control extension.

  • Install the R software including the necessary packages. For how to install R, see chapter Requirements and Installation.

  • When using the R CTRL Functions in you scripts, include the CTRLExtension functions in your script by using the keyword "uses":

#uses "CtrlR"

The following figure shows the Component overview of the R CTRL Extension.

Figure 1. RCtrl Extension - Component Overview

For more information on the R Control Extension functions, see chapter R Control Extension Functions