Users may have a name, an identification number, a password and an access code as user characteristics. Depending on the rights (authorization) the users may visualize or additionally acknowledge alerts.

Users having the necessary authorization level may also configure the control system. The characteristics of users are saved in a unique internal data point _Users. The element Deleted_Users of the data point type _Users contains the permanently deactivated users. The _Users data point is read-only for all users.

The _auth config

All data points of the data point type _Users contain the _auth config. The data points of the data point type _Users can only be set via the command channel. The WinCCOA_path/scripts/pvss_scripts.lst. file contains the commandChannel.ctl. The commandChannel.ctl script is started together with the pvss_scripts.lst when a project is started.

We do not recommend changing the _Users data point. This can lead to problems with the WinCC OA User Management. If this is, however, necessary, the Control manager running the "commandChannel.ctl" script must be stopped. By default, the Control manager with the number 1 starts the "commandChannel.ctl" script. For more information on the command channel, see chapter Command Channel.

If the authentication via Kerberos is used and the user root is disabled, CTRL cannot be started. In this case, start the CTRL manager as Windows user: -user <OS-User>.

Element/node Type Description
UserName dyn_string The element "UserName" contains the names of all users of the control system.
UserId dyn_uint The user IDs are saved in this element.
Password dyn_string The passwords of the users are saved in this element.
PermissionSet bit32 The rights of each user are saved as bit pattern.
ForceSet bit32 DP element containing all authorization bits (of a user) which are independent from the work station.
PermissionDes dyn_langString Contains the authorization levels in the project languages.
Language dyn_string The user languages are saved in this element.
DomainName dyn_string Contains the domains (for the Windows user administration) assigned to the users on sign-in.