WinCC OA Configuration Files

Several configuration files are used in a WinCC OA project. This chapter gives you a brief overview of the different configuration files.

The configuration files are read in the following order:

  1. Project config file,
  2. config.level file,
  3. "config.<os>" (e.g. config.linux),
  4. config.redu file

The files are read first from the version directory, then from the sub project directory and thereafter from the project directory. This means that if you specify the same settings in the version and the project, the project settings are used. A config file is read from top to bottom. This means that if you specify two identical entries, the lower entry is used.

A manager reads its appropriate section, for example, [ui] but also the sections that belong to the manager number (ui -num 2 reads, for example, also [ui2]. A manager does not read sections, which belong to other managers.

The other configuration files described in this chapter are feature specific configuration files and are not automatically read at manager start but via scripting:

Note: Please be aware, that section names within the config entries are case-sensitive, whereas the actual keyword names are case insensitive.

Project Config File

The settings for WinCC OA are defined in different sections in the config file. You can edit this file and adapt it to your requirements. For more information, see Project Configuration File.

config.level File

There is a standard file <wincc_oa_path>/config/config.level, which specifies which CTRL library each manager should load. It contains the default settings for the different WinCC OA managers. For more information, see chapter Loading Control libraries.


The config.redu configuration file contains the redundancy relevant settings for forward and copy DPs. The config.redu file is located in <wincc_oa_path>/config/. For more information, see chapterConfiguration files for redundancy.


The configuration file "<proj_path>/config/config.http" specifies the basic settings for the HTTP Server. Fore more information, see chapter HTTP base configuration.


Specifies the web client specific settings.

Create your own configuration file

It is possible to create your own configuration file. The file can have an arbitrary extension, e.g. you want to start a project with other settings (for example, two user interfaces with different settings), you can save the additional settings (like the language via the lang entry e.g.langs = "en_US.iso88591") in an additional config file and load the file via +config, e.g.,

WCCOAui -proj MyProj +config additional.conf

"additonal.conf" is read once (when the file with an identic path and name is located both in proj_path and wincc_oa_path, the first file that was found is read) or it can be specified with an absolute path name.