Data point configs

Each config has unique properties. These properties can be created. edited or removed via scripting. To determine if a particular data point element contains the config of interest, please check the value of the "_type" property against the constant "DPCONFIG_NONE". See dpSet(), dpGet(), dpConnect(), alertConnect() for more information.


  int type;
  string DPE = "System1:ExampleDP_Arg2.";
  dpGet(DPE + ":_alert_hdl.._type", type);
  if(type != DPCONFIG_NONE) // alarm properties exist
    dpSetTimed(0, DPE + ":_alert_hdl.._active", TRUE); //set state
    without logging change

To create a config, you have to define the appropriate constant for the _type attribute of the respective config. See example below. With _type = 0 (DPCONFIG_NONE) you can delete a config.


  int type;
  string DPE = "System1:ExampleDP_Arg2.";
  dpGet(DPE + ":_alert_class.._type", type);
  if(type == DPCONFIG_NONE) // config does not exist
    dpSetWait(DPE + ":_alert_class.._type", DPCONFIG_ALERT_CLASS,
    DPE + ":_alert_class.._ack_type", DPATTR_ACK_APP_AND_DISAPP,
    DPE + ":_alert_class.._prior", 80);
    //create _alert_class config and define acknowledgement type and

When setting a data point config it is to consider that trying to set an already existing data point config will delete the existing config and no new config will be set!

This behavior is based on the complex dependencies inside of the data point configs and must be considered when applying changes to the configuration.

All configs

CTRL constant Description
DPCONFIG_NONE no config defined

These characteristics are assigned when a config is added to a data point element. Whether it is the conversion of the original value or an alert handling depends on the specific config. WinCC OA has the following configs (see also Configuration of Configs):

Config (neutral) Description
_address peripheral address
_alert_class alert class
_alert_hdl alert handling
_archive archive settings
_auth authorizations
_cmd_conv conversion treated to raw value
_connect connect information
_corr correction attributes
_default default value parameter
_distrib manager allocation
_dp_fct data point function
_general value storage
_lock data point lock
_msg_conv conversion raw to treated value
_offline offline attributes
_online online attributes
_original original attributes
_pv_range WinCC OA value range
_smooth smoothing
_start time of the first archive
_u_range user range

Beginning from the Version 3.5 only the neutral config descriptions like _original.._value are supported. original.._wert is not supported!