MQTT Configuration

Click the MQTT driver button in the system management panel to open the configuration panel.

Figure 1. System management - tab "Driver"
Figure 2. Configuration panel of the MQTT driver


You can select one of the existing connections via this combo box.


Click on this button to open a input dialog for creating a new connection.


Allows to remove the selected connection. Active devices cannot be deleted.

Common settings

Establish connection

Defines if the connection to the broker shall be established when the connection is enabled.

Redundant connection

Allows to configure a redundant connection to the broker.

JSON Profiles

Click this button to open the following panel to edit the mapping of the available JSON profiles.

JSON Profile

Following JSON profiles are available:

  • Value
  • Value & timestamp
  • Value, timestamp & status
Note: The config entry jsonProfileStatus must be set to 1 for the Value, Timestamp & Status setting. Otherwise the status in the published message is always 0

WinCC OA Attribute

The WinCC OA to which the JSON node shall be mapped.

JSON object node

Select the respective text field to edit the JSON object node + path (e.g. "Temperature.Value" or "Info.Timestamp") which is mapped to the respective WinCC OA attribute.

Driver number

Select the appropriate driver number using this combo box.


Following tabs provide additional configuration options:

Tab Description
Connection Configuration of host, user credentials, etc.
Advanced settings Advanced settings (Connection establishment, intervals,etc.)
Certificate Certificate settings
Last Will Last will settings to define what the broker shall send to other clients if the driver loses connection.
State details Details regarding the connection status
Statistics Statistical information on data sent or received


Inverse GQ

Triggers an inverse general query which means that all output addresses are written.


State Host 1 / State Host 2

Displays the connection state of host 1 / host 2. Following states are possible:

  • 0 - Inactive
  • 1 - Disconnected
  • 2 - Connecting
  • 3 - Connected
  • 4 - Disconnecting
  • 5 - Failure