Internal data points of the S7Plus driver

An internal data point of type _S7PlusConnection is automatically created for each connection of the S7Plus driver. The data point name is the same as the connection name. In addition, there is the internal data point _S7PlusConfig which contains all subscriptions.


There is only one instance of this internal data point. The "_S7PlusConfig" data point applies to all S7Plus connections and contains all subscriptions, subscription settings and links a subscription to its poll group.

Data point element Data type Description
Subscriptions.Names dyn_string Subscription name
Subscriptions.Pollgroups dyn_string Name of the poll group linked to this subscription
Subscriptions.Options dyn_string onlyChanges 0 /1
PublicKey string

Contains the public key which is generated when creating an S7Plus certificate.


Per default only users with permission bit 4 can write on this data point.


An internal data point _<Connection name> of type _S7PlusConnection is automatically created when defining a new connection. Therefore, the connection name must be unique within the system.

Data point element Type Description
Config.Address string IP address of the PLC
Config.Codepage uint Defines how string variables shall be encoded by the driver. The encoding is selected via configuration panel - advanced settings. This value matches the corresponding MIB value from <wincc_oa_path>/nls/lang.dir.
Config.AccessPoint string

The access point defined for the connection


  • ...

Config.PLCType uint

Defines the PLC type selected for the connection. Following PLC types are available (internally used constants in brackets):

  • S7-1200 (=272)

  • S7-1500 (=16)

  • S7-1500 SoftCtrl (=528)

  • PLCSim (=768)

The PLC type S7-1200 is set by default.

Config.Password blob

Contains the password which is necessary to legitimate a connection for certain protection levels.

You have to enter the password via the configuration panel's advanced settings tab!


Per default only users with permission bit 4 can write on this data point.

Config.ConnType uint

Shows the connection type:

  • 0 = Single

  • 1 = ReduLan

Config.KeepAliveTimeout uint Keep Alive timeout in seconds. Default = 20
Config.ReconnectTimeout uint

Reconnect interval in seconds. The driver tries to reestablish the connection in the defined interval.

Default = 20

Config.EstablishmentMode uint

Defines whether connection shall be established.

  • 0 = inactive

  • 1 = AutomaticActive

Config.SetInvalidBit bool Defines whether the invalid bit is used for all in and in/out addresses on connection loss.
Config.TimeSyncMode uint

Defines whether the PLC time will be synchronized with the WinCC OA server time.

  • 0 = Inactive

  • 1 = Sync PLC to WinCC OA

Config.Timezone int

Timezone offset in minutes which shall be added to the local time of the server.

Default = 0

Config.TimeSyncInterval uint

Interval in seconds in which the PLC time is synchronized.

Default = 86400

Config.UseUTC bool

Defines if UTC shall be used.

0 = Local Time (Plus timezone offset)

1 = UTC (Default)

Config.AcquireValuesOnConnect bool

Defines if a general query shall be triggered on connection establishment.

Default = TRUE

Config.EnableStatistics bool

Enables the gathering of statistical information.

Default = TRUE

Config.ReadOpState bool Enables reading the PLC operating state.
Config.StationName string Contains the station name of the browsed project in format <Project>|<Station>
Config.DrvNumber uint Number of the driver assigned to the connection.
Config.CheckConn bool This element is internally used for establishing the connection.
Config.ReduConnection.Address string IP address of the redundant connection
Config.ReduConnection.AccessPoint string

Access point defined for the redundant connection:


  • ...

Config.ReduConnection.SwitchCondition uint

Defines the condition for switching to the other connection.

  • 0 = Disabled

  • 1= OpState

  • 2 = ConnState

  • 3 = OpState & Connstate

  • 4 = SwitchTag

Config.ReduConnection.SwitchTag string

Symbolic tag name of a boolean PLC variable which is used to trigger the connection switchover.

Note: Only relevant if "SwitchTag" is set as switch condition.

Command.Enable bool Enables / disables the connection.
Command.GQ bool Triggers a general query
Command.IGQ bool Triggers an inverse general query, i.e. writing all output addresses.
Command.DoSwitchover bool Manual switchover to the currently passive connection.
State.ConnState uint

Shows the current connection state.

  • 0 = Inactive

  • 1 = Disconnected

  • 2 = Connecting

  • 3 = Connected

  • 4 = Disconnecting

  • 5 = Failure

.Config.EnableDiagnostics bool Defines if S7 Channel Diagnostic is used.
.State.Diagnostics.Communication.Subscriptions dyn_int
  • [0] .. free subscriptions
  • [1] .. free subscription attributes (analogous to SystemLimits)
.State.Diagnostics.Communication.FreeConnections uint Free HMI connections.
.State.Diagnostics.Communication.LoadPct uint Communication load in percent.
.State.Diagnostics.ProgramExec.LoadPct uint PLC program execution load in percent
.State.Diagnostics.ProgramExec.LastCycle time Last cycle time
.State.Diagnostics.ProgramExec.MaxCycle time Maximum cycle time
.State.Diagnostics.ProgramExec.MinCycle time Minimum cycle time
.State.Diagnostics.ProgramExec.MaxCycleConfig time Configured maximum cycle time
.State.Diagnostics.ProgramExec.MinCycleConfig time Configured minimum cycle time
State.DrvType string

Shows the driver type in format <driver type>:<driver number>.

E.g. S7Plus:1

State.Disabled bool Displays the activation state recognized by the driver, e.g. Command.Enable = 1 -> State.Disabled = 0
State.ActiveConn int

Index of the active single connection to the PLC.

  • -1 = No active connection

  • 0 = Connection 1

  • 1 = Connection 2

State.Connections.State dyn_uint

Shows the current connection state of the connections 1 and 2.

  • 0 = Logged out

  • 1 = Logging in

  • 2 = Logged in

  • 3 = Logging out

State.Connections.OpState dyn_uint

Shows the current operating state of the connections 1 and 2.

  • 4 = Stop

  • 6 = Startup

  • 8 = Run

State.Connections.PLCTime dyn_time Shows the current PLC time.
State.Connections.LegitimationLevel dyn_int

Shows the legitimation level of the respective connection.

  • -1 = Invalid

  • 0 = Failsafe

  • 1 = Full

  • 2 = Read/Write

  • 3 = Read

  • 4 = Inactive

State.GeneralInfo.SystemVersion string System version of the connected PLC.
State.GeneralInfo.SystemLimits dyn_int System limits defined by the connected PLC.
State.Statistics.ReadsSent float The number of requests for data values sent since driver start.
State.Statistics.ReadsRecv float The number of data values received from read requests since driver start.
State.Statistics.ReadsRej float The number of requests for data values rejected since driver start.
State.Statistics.WritesSent float The number of requests for writing a data value sent since driver start.
State.Statistics.WritesRecv float The number of requests for writing a data value confirmed since driver start.
State.Statistics.WriteRej float The number of requests for writing a data value rejected since driver start.
State.Statistics.Unsolicited float The number of data values received unsolicited since driver start.
State.Statistics.ReadsPerSec float The number of data values received per second, measured during the last statistical interval.
State.Statistics.WritesPerSec float The number of requests per second for writing a data value, measured during the last statistical interval
State.Statistics.UnsolicitedPerSec float The number of unsolicited data values received per second, measured during the last statistical interval.
Browse.GetBranch dyn_string Start information for browsing the TIA project.
Browse.NodePaths dyn_string

Browse result which contains one of the following:

  • List of S7DOS Access Points

  • List of the TIA project exports

  • List of S7Plus stations in a TIA project export

  • PLC type of the selected station

  • List of data blocks & variables in a S7Plus station

  • List of data types & variables

Browse.NodeComments dyn_langString

Multi-language connects of the browse result (e.g. of variables or blocks).

Note: Ensure that the TIA project languages match the WinCC OA project languages. Otherwise the comments cannot be read correctly. The TIA project languages can be defined via "Tools - Project languages".

Browse.SystemTypes dyn_string

Type of the browsing result entries:

  • Project

  • Station

  • Variable

Browse.ValueTypes dyn_string Detailed variable types if "Variable" is set as system type.
Browse.ItemLengths dyn_int Display - 1 for all value types, the number of elements for strings, arrays and structures.
Browse.RequestId string Request ID of the browse result. This is necessary if several user interfaces access this internal data point at the same time.
Tspp.Mode uint

Defines if TSPP is active:

0 ... Inactive

1 ... Active

Tspp.ReadInterval uint The interval (in milliseconds) for reading the specified TSPP buffer from the PLC.
Tspp.BufferAddress string Address pointing to the TSPP array-of-struct variable within the PLC.