RK512 Driver

The WinCC OA driver RK512 is used for interfacing a programmable logic controller using the 3964R/RK512 protocol. Data is exchanged between driver and PLC (Programmable Logical Controller) over a serial interface. The driver supports read and write commands initiated from WinCC OA and messages sent spontaneously from the PLC. In addition all procedures supported by WinCC OA drivers for converting raw values into engineering values and vice versa are provided, such as filtering, message conversion, command conversion and the like.

For information on the supported platforms for the RK512 driver see Supported Platforms of the most important Drivers.

The RK512 protocol simply enables the transmission of unformatted data. The information for conversion into the WinCC OA data formats must be specified in the data point configuration, and is saved in the "address" config. All common data formats are supported. A data point is assigned to the address used in the message (the hardware address) via a logical address (its peripheral address), which is also saved in the "address" config. All block types can be used, such as data blocks, flags, inputs and outputs etc. Several data points of the same data format with consecutive hardware addresses can be combined in an array. The individual elements are addressed using a subindex, which is also stored in the "address" config. Configuration is performed either in a panel in WinCC OA, or by importing ASCII data by the ASCII manager.

The usage requires a valid license!

Chapter Description
Basics RK512 General overview and links to the chapters
Starting the RK512 driver Starting and command line options
Block types and data formats supported data formats
Configuration How to configure an address
Panel for configuring an RK512 Description of the panel
Special configuration features Formats, spontaneous sending, polling
Example configurations 3 use cases of address configurations
Possible config entries Possible entries of the configuration file
Internal data point _RK512 Elements of the data point
Peripheral address format Details to data formats and block types
Description of protocols data transfer and messages
Error codes Meaning of error codes