Simulator Driver

The WinCC OA simulator assumes the tasks of a driver without being connected to actual peripherals. This means it simulates the periphery and is able to generate values "spontaneously". It does this by passing data to the Event Manager that this manager would receive from system components during normal operation of a system. The control system functions can be tested after configuration.

To use the simulator execute the following steps:

  1. Create a simulation file (see Structure of the simulation file).

  2. Add an address config to a desired data point and configure the peripheral simulation (see Panel for configuring the Simulator). (This step is only necessary if no real address for any other driver has been configured. If a new address configuration is created even though the data point already contains a configured address, the existing address will be destroyed.)

  3. Start the Simulator manager and run the simulation (see Starting the manager and running the simulation).

  4. Set the value of the Signal element (_Simulator data point) to TRUE. The simulation is started (see internal data points of the simulator).

The symbol library includes the possibility to use predefined simulations (see STD_Simulators).

Chapter Description
Simulator, basics General overview and links to the chapters.
Simulation file
Structure of the simulation file Description of the parts of a simulation file.
Periphery list Description of the block for object declaration.
Notification list description of the block for value assignment and time delay.
Alert list Description of the alert statements by which the notification list can be expanded.
Examples of a simulation file Examples of finished simulation files.
Panel for configuring the simulator Description of the panel for defining the peripheral address of the Simulator driver.
Starting the manager and running the simulation Options for starting the Simulator manager and starting the simulation via the Shell.
Internal data point elements of the simulator Structure of the internal data point type _Simulator.
Example for creating simulation data An example of how the simulator is used (how to create a simulation file, start the simulation etc.).
Options for use Table with possible commands for the simulator.
Details on the Simulator Command line parameters and config file entries of the simulator.