NTCIP Gateway

NTCIP (National Transportation Communications for ITS Protocol) is a family of open standards for the configuration, control and monitoring of traffic control equipment (e.g. traffic lights, dynamic message signs, vehicle counting).

NTCIP defines both the communication protocols and the object definitions that are required so that the systems of different manufacturers can communicate with each other and exchange data in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

In the NTCIP gateway of WinCC OA, the NTCIP 1203 standard is implemented. This standard defines the logical interface between dynamic message signs (DMS) and the control system that controls and monitors them.

The NTCIP gateway of WinCC OA therefore enables centre-to-field device communication with dynamic message signs. This means the NTCIP gateway implements the NTCIP 1203 standard from the control centre's point of view and is intended to connect to and control dynamic message signs.


The following restrictions must be considered when using the WinCC OA NTCIP Gateway:

  • The NTCIP Gateway provides the basic functionality to control dynamic message signs and monitor their status. The NTCIP Gateway is not intended to configure or manage the resources available on a dynamic message sign (fonts, bitmaps, default settings, etc.). This must be done by other means, e.g. software provided by the manufacturer of the dynamic message sign.
  • The NTCIP gateway only supports SNMPv1 and SNMPv3 as transport protocols for the connection of DMS. The transport protocols STMP and SFMP are not supported.
  • Global Objects Schedule and Action Table are not supported by the NTCIP Gateway.
  • The GlobalObject MIB (NTCIP 1201) is not implemented in the NTCIP Gateway.
  • The DmsSchedule MIB Subtree is not used by the NTCIP Gateway, since the NTCIP 1201 GlobalTimeManagement MIB Subtree is not supported.
  • Only one NTCIP Gateway Manager per system is supported as there is no specific configuration for the DMS datapoints to belong to a specific NTCIPGW manager