Detect System Data

If you are not familiar with the operating system of Windows, you can find out the system data as follows:

You can check the computer data through [rightMouseClick] on the "computer" and by selecting "Properties" in the Windows Explorer.

Figure 1. Display of System Data through Computer -> Properties

In the same window under the advanced system settings the system data can be configured.

Figure 2. Advanced System settings -> System Properties

You can detect the free hard disk capacity the easiest way in the file explorer through [rightMouseClick] on the corresponding hard disk symbol of the drive and by selecting "Properties" in the Windows Explorer.

You can view the resolution of the graphic system through [rightMouseClick] on the empty desktop area and by selecting "Screen resolution".

Figure 3. Local User Rights - Open through Computer > "Manage" in the Windows Explorer

You can find out whether the current operating system user (login) is a member of the group "Administrators" through selecting "Local Users and Groups" -> "Groups" and select "Administrators" through double click. Only when the user name is included in the opened list, the user possesses administrator rights.