General Information

WinCC OA possesses a powerful script language. You can use the language to implement own logics, design symbols and configuration dialogs as well as reports or permanent calculation rules. The language is available in the user interface as well as within an explicit CONTROL manager. Furthermore, you can define arithmetic data point functions in CONTROL and run them in the Event Manager.

Figure 1. Use of the Script Language CONTROL within the managers of WinCC OA

It is a procedural high level language with all typical control structures. The syntax corresponds as far as possible to the ANSI-C standard. Some simplifications facilitate the use. A number of functions adjusted to the needs in the automation technology are delivered with WinCC OA.

  • Access to the current process image - data point elements

  • Access to the history of values and alerts

  • Access to the configuration of data point elements or configs

  • Access to the properties and methods of graphic objects

  • Access to the operating system level, files, serial interface, TCP connections, external databases. email, SMS etc.

The code will be processed through a quick intermediate code interpreter so that no compilation or linking is necessary. The program instructions are normally executed event-driven but they can also be implemented time-controlled or cyclical.