Start OPC client

The OPC client of WinCC OA is started like any other WinCC OA manager:

Specify the OPC client (WCCOAopc) in the console as the driver to be started. All standard command line options can be used for the OPC client. If several managers are running at the same time. each manager and hence also each driver must have a unique manager number. This is assigned with the parameter -num <Manager number>. Pleas consult the relevant documentation for details of how to use the other parameters.

Note that you have to stop the simulation driver when you start the OPC DA Client!

Starting several OPC clients / servers

The following shows an extract of a config file with which two OPC clients are configured, one client starts

one server, the other two. As always, the corresponding data points must also be present in the

system. You can find the meaning of the keywords used in the chapter Configuration file.


[opc_1] #Client 1
server = "sigma_server" "Sigmatek.OPCServer.1"
#Symbolic name of the server
#Die ProgID (Program Identification from the registry)
server ="urban_server" "OPC.ETM.1"
[opc_sigma_server] #Server section
enableCALLR = "no" #No CAL-R Interfaces
[opc_urban_server] #Server section
enableCALLR = "yes"
#The server is expanded by the CALL-R Interfaces
[opc_2] #Client 2
server = "server1" "OPC.FIX.1"
enableCALLR = "no"

The connection to several OPC servers with using only one client, whereby one/more servers are possibly not reachable, the client connects to the available servers and tries periodically a reconnect to the other ones. Via the Reconnect timer (see Panel OPC server) the client tries again and again to establish a connection to the OPC server.

If the ProgID in the Config file is wrong and therefore no connection to the OPC server can be established, the client is terminated.