OPC Server

With version 2.12 upwards it is possible for any OPC clients to communicate and exchange data with WinCC OA via the WinCC OA OPC server.

  • Meets the Data Access 2.05a specification (reading/writing of online values).

  • Launched as a manager just like other drivers.

  • Items (DPEs) provided by the server to other clients can be defined using data point groups.

  • DPEs can be declared as read-only items (group OPCRead) or writable items (group OPCWrite).

  • Any clients can browse the WinCC OA OPC server hierarchically.

  • As an OPC driver it is obviously only available under Windows.

This enables communication with e.g.:

  • DB systems

  • Other control systems

  • Long-term archiving tools

  • Reporting tools

Chapter Description
OPC server, basics General information and links to the chapters.
Requirements for the OPC server Requirements for operating the OPC server
Accessing WinCC OA data The data point groups OPCRead and OPCWrite are used for providing the data point elements for communication.
Establishing communication How to establish a connection
Possible config entries
[opcsrv] Possible config entries that apply to the OPC Server.
Mapping the WinCC OA status bits Mapping the WinCC OA status bits onto OPC quality bits
Summary and relevant links Further chapters of the Online Help