OPC under WinCC OA

In order to make the advantages of OPC available to the WinCC OA user, WinCC OA was expanded with an OPC client. This makes it possible for all servers meeting the Data Access specification 2.05a to be used from WinCC OA.

The WinCC OA OPC client provides you with the following possibilities:

  • Compatibility with the specifications DA 2.05a

  • Connection to inproc, local or remote server

    An inproc server can only be used if the bitness of the related DLL matches the OPC client. This means that a 64bit OPC client can only load a 64bit DLL.

  • Connection to up to 20 servers simultaneously

  • Monitoring of the connection to the server and autom. reconnection, if the connection is interrupted.

  • Address browsing, if supported by the server.

  • Use of the CALL-R functionality with CALL-R servers (simpler configuration)

The client was checked in interoperability workshops for compatibility and reliability.