Initial Setup of OPC Communication

To set up a functioning OPC communication, the steps described below are needed. You can find a detailed description in the subsequent chapters, or in the server documentation where the OPC server is described. It is assumed that WinCC OA is already installed. The dll's needed for OPC communication are also automatically installed during the installation of WinCC OA.

  1. Server installation -> see Server installation and start-up
  2. Creation of the Config file -> see Configuration file
  3. Creation of the data points: a data point of type _OPCServer must exist for each server used, and a data point of type _OPCGroup for each group used. -> see Internal data points
  4. Starting the client -> see Start OPC client
  5. Closing (by server or client)

When a project is started with WinCC OA Service, OPC communication can only be established if the WinCC OA Service was started under the user account with which the server was also registered.