PowerConfigs, basics

Configs describe properties that the data point elements have in WinCC OA. These properties are defined more precisely using specific attributes, which are what actually hold the data point values. You can find more information on the Configs used in WinCC OA and on the default configuration panels in the chapter Data point configs.

PowerConfigs are "virtual" configs that allow the combination or specialization of a number of Configs. All the settings, even for two or more Configs, can be made using a configuration screen. Parameter calculations enable, for example, automatic generation of the correct peripherals address or descriptive texts on the leaf elements. A number of predefined PowerConfigs are supplied with the installation of WinCC OA. By configuring a PowerConfig at a data point element, the user is deciding which attributes of a Config must be configured at the data points (dynamic attributes), and which attributes are given a one-off fixed setting which then applies to all the data points.

You can edit PowerConfigs and create new ones using a default panel, opened from the System Management panel. The settings in this panel should only be made by experienced WinCC OA users and parameter-setters.

Chapter Description
PowerConfigs, basics Basic information on PowerConfigs, links to the chapters
Inserting a DPE PowerConfig Inserting PowerConfigs at the data point elements of the master data point
Inserting a DPT PowerConfig Inserting a PowerConfigs at the root node of the master data point
PowerConfig configuration at the data point Configuration of attributes at data point elements that were defined as variable when a PowerConfig was created.
Predefined PowerConfigs Information on the PowerConfigs included in the software version.
Example of working with PowerConfigs Example of inserting a PowerConfig
PowerConfig Editor, basics Description of the integrated default panel for editing PowerConfigs and creating new ones