Summary and relevant links

Mass configuration in WinCC OA can significantly simplify the creation of multiple data points in the system (with associated parameter settings, inheritance when changes are made at the master data point). All features already supported in earlier versions (for example, flexible data point concept, object orientation) are naturally also included in mass configuration.

Additional features that have been implemented (PowerConfigs, PowerConfig Editor, support for templates in ASCII format, Excel Tools) provide a broad range of functions offering the advantage of both faster configuration and a reduction in the number of error sources when configuring a new project. Changes are transferred to all existing data points at runtime.

No particular demands are placed on the user need when working with mass configuration (except for the PowerConfig Editor - experience in the Control programming language and the attributes in WinCC OA are required here). The user is directed in his/her actions by tips, warnings and clear dialog boxes.

Chapter Description
Module PARA Basic information about the graphical interface for editing data point types and data points
Configs (configuring data points) More information on the attributes of a data point element used in WinCC OA
Data point configs Further description of the data point Configs with the associated default configuration panels
ASCII Manager Import/output of data point types and data points (including configuration settings)