Deleting multiple data points

There are various options for deleting data points, just as there are for creating data points:

This page explains how to delete multiple data points using the dedicated panel in PARA. This panel is opened by right-clicking on a data point type/master data point/data point in the PARA module and then selecting the option Delete multiple data points in the context menu.

Figure 1. Panel for deleting multiple data points

This panel has three sections:

  • Top section: displays the data point type from which the data points are to be deleted (Data point type text field). This field is grayed out and cannot be changed.
  • Left-hand section: all available data points are listed here in the selection list. Select one or more data points and click on the button displaying the single right-arrow to transfer the data points to the deletion list (right-hand section). The button displaying the double right-arrow selects all available data points in the list for deletion.
  • Right-hand section: all data points selected for deletion are listed here. To restore data points that are destined for deletion to the list of all data points, follow exactly the same procedure as in the left-hand section (select data point in the right-hand list and click on the button displaying the left-arrow icon). Press OK after the confirmation prompt to delete the selected data points. The deletion process is displayed in a progress bar. Cancel closes the panel without deleting any data points; Help opens this page of the Online Help.

You can interrupt deletion of the data points at any time by clicking on the Close button in the progress bar window. The last action (deletion of the data point that was being processed when Close was clicked) continues until complete, before the whole process is terminated.


The example involves deleting 10 data points of the data point type Valve with the names Valve_01_test to Valve_10_test, which you created earlier (see Creating multiple data points).

  1. Right-click on the data point type Valve and select the option Delete multiple data points.
  2. Select the data points to the deleted and move these into the right-hand selection list. (See also the figure below.)
    Figure 2. Deleting 10 data points of type Valve
  3. Click on OK and confirm the prompt with Yes.

10 data points of type valve have been deleted. These data points are no longer displayed in the tree structure of the PARA module.