Details on monitoring the virtual memory

Configuring the monitoring of virtual memory is also realized through an internal data point. This is of the type _MemoryCheck. By default, there is a data point _MemoryCheck and _MemoryCheck _2. The data point has the following leaves:

Data point element Type Example Meaning
EmergencyKBLimit int 10240 Minimum limit of free memory
TotalKB int 373456 Total available memory
UsedKB int 116352 Used memory
AvailKB int 257136 Available memory
FreeKB int 257088 Free memory
AvailPerc int 69 Available memory as a percentage
FreePerc int 69 Free memory as a percentage
Status string "OK" Status of monitoring as text
Note: Available and free memory always have the same value here. Due to the compatibility of the data point with _DiskSpaceCheck, both elements are entered.


Status may display the following text:

  • OK


This is in accordance with the data point _DiskSpaceCheck.


If a value < 0 is entered for EmergencyKBLimit, the data is updated but not used for monitoring. Otherwise a default and minimum value of 10 MB applies.

Checking is carried out at 5 seconds intervals.

Entries in the config file


The config entry DP_MemoryCheck defines the name of the data point of the type _MemoryCheck. By default _MemoryCheck is accepted.


DP_MemoryCheck = "_MemoryCheck"


The config entry checkMemory completely switches off free memory (type: bool), the appropriate data point is no longer updated in this case.


checkMemory = 0