WinCC OA Video, basics

WinCC OA video is a universal video management software for transmitting, displaying or archiving video data as well as controlling video technology like cameras or switch contacts of a digitally linked CCTV system.

The main system components (e.g. recording archive, configuration, system control including open interfaces) are manufacturer-independent. Therefore it is possible to display streams of different sources, video encoders or IP cameras from many different manufacturers via LAN or WAN connections. Furthermore, it is possible to save the data centralized or decentralized and display it on a workstation, video monitor or large-screen display via the WinCC OA user interface.

The latency time of WinCC OA video is very low whereas the connection time is very fast. Therefore, it can be used (redundantly) for systems which require high reliability and safety.

WinCC OA video provides the following functionality:

  • Integration of data sources as digital data streams (e.g. integrating image sources as digital video streams). For example WinCC OA video allows to take only video streams from image sources or to control e.g. contacts via the image source hardware.

  • Controlling analog video technology allows the routing of analog video signals for feeding encoders and controlling analog PTZ cameras.

  • Transmitting live streams, decoding and displaying on video displays

  • Recording all video streams permanently in a ring buffer or alert triggered with storing the pre-alert sequences

  • Search in recorded video data and export of video data

  • System configuration data base including administration tools for configuring the system

  • Open interfaces to superordinated management systems

Figure 1. Range of functions

WinCC OA Video consists of several components with well-defined responsibilities. In case of small systems the components can run on one single computer. If larger systems are needed, the components can be distributed to several systems. All computers form the WinCC OA video system.

The software components are communicating with each other via linked interfaces. Therefore there are only small dependencies among the components which results in high reliability and scalability of the entire system.


Interprocess communication

The interprocess communication is encrypted for all vimacc and WinCC OA components by default. The IPC encryption for the video client can be enabled/disabled via the system configuration. Note that the components of video client and server must be configured identically.

Example of use

The essential use cases of WinCC OA video are identical regardless of the architecture, complexity or scale of the system:

  • Integration: vendor independent and standardized

  • Monitoring: manually and alert triggered

  • Recording: permanently in a configurable ring, alert triggered or manually

  • Searching efficiently, accurately, fast and data security compliant

  • Forwarding to external systems: vendor independent via standardized interfaces

Example 1: Heterogeneous system with analog and digital video technology

Example 2: System using solely digital video technology

Example 3: Combining several WinCC OA sub systems with one control center.

Chapter Description
WinCC OA video, basics General information regarding WinCC OA video
Requirements and installation Requirements for using WinCC OA video
Configuration of the video server Description of video server configuration
Configuration of the display server Description of display server configuration
Installed services Description of the installed services
System planning Assistance for planning a WinCC OA video system
Reference architecture Example of a WinCC OA video system
Supported image sources List of all supported image sources