The WinCC OA feature SmartSCADA provides two packages: the Analytics package and the KPI framework.

The Analytics package contains the Data mining Wizard, the Classification Wizard and the R Control Extension. By using the functionality of the Analytics package, you can explore your system data by training statistical models and then use the models at runtime in order to detect root causes for problems in your system.

The KPI Framework contains the KPI Wizard and the KPI Control functions. The KPI framework allows you to define, configure and calculate KPIs. A KPI represents an indicator in your system. The KPI framework guarantees you high flexibility and maximum ease of use. You can customize your KPIs according to your field of expertise. The SmartSCADA functions can be integrated into the KPI definition to identify areas for improvement to enhance effectiveness, to increase system performance and availability through decision support and to optimize your costs.

The WinCC OA Online help contains a comprehensive SmartSCADA online help. To install SmartSCADA, see chapter Requirements and Installation.

Figure 1. SmartSCADA Overview