Standard Object Library, Basics

The WinCC OA Standard Object Library (in short: Stdlib) is a base framework that facilitates the creation and use of WinCC OA Libraries. The Stdlib provides templates for creating WinCC OA Libraries and offers a vast range of functions that make the use of a WinCC OA Library in a WinCC OA project easier.

An example for an already existing WinCC OA Library based on the Stdlib is the WinCC OA BACnet Symbol library.

Working with the Stdlib requires knowledge in using sub projects and the project structure of WinCC OA.

Target Group

Two target groups are distinguished: Library authors and Library users.

Library Authors

The Stdlib represents the basic framework for the creation of own WinCC OA Libraries. Templates for symbols, faceplates and tabs make the creation of a future library easier. Stdlib allows free configuration of WinCC OA Libraries according to your concepts and requirements.

This documentation describes step by step how data point types, symbols, faceplates, etc. are created and stored in a template collection (library) for the library user.

Library Users

The Stdlib makes the visualization of data point instances easier for the user in the form of symbols and their elements in faceplates. WinCC OA Libraries provide a collection of templates (symbols, data point types, faceplates, etc.) that can be used in WinCC OA projects.

This documentation covers the basic functionality of WinCC OA Libraries derived from the Stdlib. The functionality is inherited from the Stdlib and can be found in every Stdlib-based WinCC OA library.