Maintenance package, basics

Maintenance is a necessity wherever different pieces of equipment are used. For example, drives, valves, motors, where it is necessary to perform maintenance work at specific intervals so as to ensure proper functioning. But prolonging the service life of equipment by means of regular maintenance and cost reduction are also key factors in plant engineering and automation technology.
The maintenance package implemented in WinCC OA as of version 2.11.1 allows you to set maintenance tasks for all devices in a system monitored and controlled by WinCC OA.
In order to define a maintenance task, it is necessary to set an interval and a counter that tell the control system when to perform maintenance.

The maintenance package in WinCC OA contains the following functions:

  • Operating-time counter: Counter that counts the hours a device is switched on.

  • Operations counter: Counter that counts the operating cycles (switch on, switch off) of a device.

  • Service log: Log displaying pending maintenance tasks and tasks already performed.

Advantages of the maintenance package:
  • Timely coordination of maintenance personnel.

  • Information on the condition of devices by means of a plant display.

  • Overview of maintenance tasks already performed and still pending.

  • Maintenance of individual devices.

Table 1.
Chapter Description
Maintenance package, basics Introduction to the maintenance package
Maintenance package requirements Requirements for using the maintenance package, installation of the service log
Operating-time/Operations counter Basic information on both counter types
Creating an operating-time/operations counter How to create an operating-time and operations counter using the symbol catalog
Configuration in the maintenance package Explanation of the key panels and their functions
Maintenance tasks Description of types of maintenance and definition of maintenance
Service log Structure and purpose of the service log
Details for advanced users Data point types and data points used in the maintenance package
Summary and related links Links to other relevant chapters in the online help