Security, Basics

Maintaining the control over production and the processes in the application has the highest priority in automation. Even measures to prevent security threats must not affect this.

Security is an important issue in the automation technology when controlling highly sensitive systems and it is of utmost importance that the users of the system have only access to the specified area of operation.

To meet these requirements, WinCC OA provides several security features.

The security section of the help contains the security relevant chapters of WinCC OA. The chapters are categorized according to the feature.

Section Description
WinCC OA Authorization Concept Describes the general user permissions, system authorizations and the _auth config.
Authentication Contains the topics: Login, Login Framework, Server-side Authentication and User-defined External Authentication.
Multiplexing Proxy Contains the description of the Multiplexing Proxy - a Manager used to increase the security of your WinCC OA projects.
Certificates Use of Certificates in WinCC OA.

The data point node _System.DpConfigs. exists by default for security by default projects. This node must not be deleted for a security project. If the node is deleted, the security of the project is not guaranteed.

You can find security relevant documents such as the WinCC OA Security Guideline and Security Concept on the WinCC OA website.