System Overview

There is a system overview panel for the diagnostics of a WinCC OA system. The system overview panel is a part of the version by default. The panel provides several possibilities for setting the error weighting in the complete system as well as for displaying the current status in the system (e.g. Manager state, RAM memory, hard disk space, ...). The system overview panel can be used for each configuration (Single system, redundant system or distributed system). Merely the appearance of the panel is changed via the different configurations.

Single system components can be controlled and provided with a weighting in a system. The weighting is used for the calculation of the error status in case of errors. Components that are controlled and for which the error status is calculated are e.g. managers, TCP connections, PLC connections, hard disk capacity, RAM memory etc. The weighting is a number between 0 and 999 and the user can assign it specific to the components. How grave the error is and which number should be set for the weighting is defined by the user. The loss of a PLC connection is e.g. configured with a higher weighting than the failure of a UI. The optimum error state of a system is 0. The error weighting is configured in the system overview panel.

In a redundant system the switching of the active/passive level for the redundant computers is executed in the system overview panel (therefore you can find specific buttons in the panel). In not redundant configured systems the overview panel is used for displaying the status.

In the following chapter the system overview panel is described in case of a single, redundant or distributed system.