Requirements and Installation


The requirements for the use of the Stdlib depend on the target group.

Common Requirements for Library Authors and Library Users:

  • An installed WinCC OA Version 3.8 SP1 or higher with the WinCC OA add-on "Standard Object Library" is required. See chapter Installation under Windows.

Use the same Standard Library version as the WinCC OA Version (see Change project properties).

Note that in some WinCC OA versions (e.g. 3.16), the base installation includes the "Standard Object Library" and the installation of an add-on is not necessary.

Library Users:

  • An available WinCC OA Library - either a WinCC OA Library or a library created by a library author. Note that the use of some WinCC OA libraries requires an additional licence.


  • Include the Stdlib_[version] sub project to your project. For how to include sub projects see chapter Change project properties. or
  • create a new project. The project name is later the name of your library. Consider the WinCC OA naming conventions and that _ (underscores) may not be used. All names of the library data point types must use the project name as prefix. Include the Stdlib_[version] sub project to your project.
  • Start your project. Continue with the chapter How to Create a Standard Object Library.

The project name is your library name!

If a project that contains sub projects is updated, the suffix of the sub projects in the config file must be adapted or the current sub projects must be selected via the project administration. E.g. Stdlib_3.15

-> Stdlib_3.18.