Project administration, basics

The project administration panel was developed for the administration of huge amount of projects. The currently registered projects and the status of the responsible Pmon are shown in table form. The projects can be deleted and edited more easily and you get direct feedback on the executed changes, even when editing complex configuration files. The project administration panels provide an easy and clear project administration:

  • Create new projects

  • Register new projects

  • Copy projects

  • Change project properties

  • Update projects

  • Remove projects

  • Read out hardware codes for the license request

  • Create a report

The "create project" wizard supports the user when creating complex projects (e.g. redundant projects) so that the configuration file does not have to be edited so much anymore. This reduces possible errors in the first place. The access to the project and its properties can be restricted via the password protection. This protection can be used for the project administration as well as for the console. This way the employees are protected against an accidental stop of the project but can track the status of the managers. The password protection is, of course, also used for controlling via HTTP.

The integrated standard panels of the project administration provide the platform independence. This means that the project administration is the same under Windows and Linux (same panels and use).

Chapter Description
Project administration, basics Introduction and links to other chapters
Requirements and installation Requirements and installation of the project administration
Standard buttons of the project administration Description of the standard buttons used in several panels of the project administration.
Project administration panel Description of the project administration panel.
Create a project Create a new project. Create a new multi-language project. A list with all languages available in WinCC OA.
Copy a project Copy a project
Change project properties Edit a project
Update a project Update a project
Remove a project Remove a project
Register a project Register a project
Panel "License Information" Description of the License Information panel.
Console, basics Introduction to the console panel and links to relevant chapters
Log Files Information about the specific log files in WinCC OA.
Diagnostics Tool Description of the Diagnostics Tool for easy and quick creation of a report package.
Summary and relevant links Summary and links to relevant chapters of the Online Help