Process monitor [PMON]

The Pmon is a background process and is activated via the project administration and console panels. Direct activation via the command line and use as a Windows service is possible.

The Pmon starts and stops the individual processes of a project and monitors them via cyclic queries of their statuses. The Pmon restarts a manager on failure and detects when the manager cannot restart successfully.

In addition to these two interfaces, the Pmon can also be addressed via the open protocols HTTP and SNMP, which is particularly useful for remote maintenance access.

One Pmon always works with only one WinCC OA project. When the Pmon is used as service the project is defined via the -set option. The Pmon also sets the current project. The Pmon notes the last project started in the registry and starts it with the -currentproj option.

When starting Pmon as service note that the Pmon is case sensitive. This means that if you start WCCILpmon and wccilpmon, these are two different names.

If a manager/driver is not started via the WinCC OA console but via the command line take care that the right WinCC OA project is specified for the manager/driver. This can be done by setting the appropriate environment variables or by specifying the appropriate command line options. The project can be specified via the -proj/-Proj_name option. How to specify the project when starting a manager via the command line is described in detail in the chapter administration of managers.

Standard panels are integrated in the version to show the status of the individual managers as well as the log files. For more information on the standard panels see chapter Project administration, basics.

Chapter Description
Process monitor, basics Introduction and links to other chapters.
Requirements and installation Requirements and installation of the Pmon.
Functionality of the Pmon Description of the basic functions of the Pmon.
Monitoring of managers Information about the monitoring of the single managers in a WinCC OA project via Pmon.
Details on the Pmon Description of the debug levels, command line options and commands via the TCP server port.
Summary and relevant links Links to other relevant chapters of the Online Help.