IEC 61850 Engineering

The basic engineering which ships with all versions of the IEC 61850 client allows to manage and monitor your configured devices. The tool provides:

  • A list view of configured devices including filtering options for this list
  • Browsing functionality to read an SCL/CID file (offline browsing) or to directly retrieve the device's structure (online browsing)
  • Displaying the structure of browsed device in a tree view
  • Displaying the data sets and their data members of a device
  • Creating dynamic datasets
  • Managing the report control blocks of a device

The engineering does not support multi-user capability.

Important notes


The WinCC OA IEC 61850 engineering is designed to configure clients via SCL files (CID or SCD). This means that file browsing shall be used instead of device browsing. It is recommended to use device browsing only for testing purposes but not for engineering or configuration. Consider the following information:

File browsing

Which of the following attributes can be written depends on the configuration defined in the used SCL file.

  • dataset (datSet)
  • report ID (rptID)
  • trigger options (trgOps)
  • optional fields (optFields)
  • buffer time (bufTime)
  • integrity period (intgPd)
  • reserve Tms (resvTms)

Only attributes which are set to "Dyn" or "true" (only for resvTms) in the <ReportSettings> tag can be written. On browsing, the file's configuration is mapped to the respective data point elements (refer to _IEC61850_IED.Engineering).

This means that you can only set or change attributes which are enabled in the file. All other settings are disabled on the panel (see also Device settings > Report control block - Configuration). You have to ensure that the configuration in your file matches the device's configuration. If there are any mismatches between file and device (e.g. different datasets), and the attribute that differs is not writable, you cannot enable the RCB.

In addition, the client also compares the confRev number. If the confRev number of WinCC OA and device does not match and the config entry [iec61850] abortOnMismatch is set to "y", enabling the RCB is aborted.

Device browsing

Since no configuration is read from a file, all UI elements are enabled. However, settings of WinCC OA and device are still compared on enabling an RCB, which means that the RCB cannot be enabled if any attribute is changed which is not set to "Dyn" or "true" on the device. The settings can be changed via the advanced RCB settings panel.

Engineering panel

To open the engineering panel click on the IEC 61850/61400 Engineering button in the IEC Driver tab of the system management panel.

Figure 1. System management panel

The engineering panel is divided into two sections: Device selection and Device settings.

The section Device selection displays a list of all configured devices and allows to select devices for editing, the list can be filtered. The section Device settings displays the settings of a selected device.

Figure 2. Engineering tool panel