Data point type _AsciiConfig

In order to save various configurations, data points of the _AsciiConfig type are created. The name of the configuration that can be adjusted in the panel does not correspond to the name of the data point, which is automatically generated.

Figure 1. _AsciiConfig data point type

Description of the data point elements

Data point element Meaning
ASCII_Datei The path and file name of the output file are saved in this sheet.
OutFilter.DPTypen Filter T (output of all data point types)
OutFilter.DP Filter D (output of all data points)
OutFilter.Alias Filter A (output of all aliases and comments)
OutFilter.Originalwerte Filter O (output of all original values)
OutFilter.Parametrierung Filter P (output of all configurations)
OutFilter.Historisch Filter PH (in addition to configurations, outputs history values of alert handlings and alert classes)
Outfilter.Typreferenzen Filter + Type references (output of referenced data points)
Outfilter.PwrConfEinst Filter + Pwr.Conf.Settgs. (output of power config settings)
Outfilter.CNS Filter C (output of CNS nodes)
Outfilter.LinkedDps Filter + Linked DPs (output of data points linked to CNS nodes)
InFilter.yes If the ASCII Manager is used to input ASCII files that modify existing data point types, it is necessary to confirm these modifications interactively during import. Whether or not these messages are automatically confirmed is stored in this data point sheet.
InFilter.inactivate Specifies alarm handling in this configuration.
Lokalzeit Specifies whether data are input or output in local time format.
Sprachen.Mehrsprachig Used to output multilingual projects
Sprachen.Sprachen All languages in the configuration to be saved are stored here.
DP A list of all data points to be output.
DPTypen All desired data point types are stored in this data sheet.
Name Name of configuration
Younger.Younger Specifies whether the "start export from (time)" option was set
Younger.Time Defines from which time the export is started from.
Config All DP configs output with this configuration are stored in this element.

The option for the export is stored in this element. The following options are available:

0 - Regular export

1 - Multi language export (Format 2)

2 - PowerConfig output 1 DP/line (Format 3)

3 - PowerConfig output 1 DPE/line (Format 4)

CNSPaths The paths of all CNS nodes defined for the export are stored here.
CNSViews Currently not in use