Module PARA

The module PARA of the WinCC OA User Interface Manager is a graphical interface for editing data point types and data points. This interface constitutes a tool. With the tool you can access the internal database and make modifications simultaneously. The data point type with its structure serves as a template for the similar data points derived from it. Data points in process-control system conform to requirements of concrete counterparts of a system. This means that an engine or a valve contains a structure, which conforms to requirements of a particular engine. The structure for a particular engine type or valve type is the data point type.

  • These structures are demonstrated in a TreeView (Explorer view). The data point type describes the structure and data types of data point elements.

  • The structure is build up of elements. The elements that branch to other elements are called nodes, the outermost elements leaves.

  • You define leaf properties by adding configs to the leaves. The detailed specification of these properties takes place via config attributes that carry the actual data point values.

It is not possible to create data points for which no data point type exists. You must always define an appropriate data point type before creating a data point.

Creating data point types in the PARA module means creating a tree structure. Nodes and leaves can be easily added to and removed from the structure by clicking the mouse. The data point type is the "mother" of all the data points derived from it.

For setting config attributes, standard panels are displayed. All possible alternatives of an allocation are prepared via radio- and check boxes. The configuration of single configs on the data point elements takes place via these panels.

During a backup/recovery changes in the PARA are not permitted (the PARA is not operable until completion).

Chapter Description
Module PARA, basics Basic information of PARA module.
Structure of module PARA Description of configuration module components; Starting the module PARA.
Create a data point type Creation of a data point type with the aid of DP-type editor.
DPE selection for the trend configuration Definition of data point elements for a data point type whose values should be displayed in the variable trend.
Standard symbols for DPTs Definition of symbols that should represent the data point of this type in a panel.
Drag & Drop of DPTs and DPs Information on Drag & Drop of DPTs and DPs to a panel.
Create a data point Information of creating and changing data points
Configs (configure data points) Configuring DPE attributes.
DP selector, basics Description of the DP-selector for selecting and filtering data points under module PARA